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Get in the Pink and GO GREEN! With An Ecology, inc.

A little about myself…

Domestead pic 1-9-15 (2)
Pictured above: My environmentally friendly Dome Home, completely underground!

We’re energy experts! I designed, built, and live in a solar earth sheltered Dome! I don’t have a furnace or an air-conditioning; Our energy saving knowledge is why we were named: Consumers Energy’s 2014 winner of “Highest Average Energy Savings per Customer”

My garage is the warehouse for my family business, my son and grandson work with me to help guarantee nobody beats are prices! You get the most savings, the best for less!

Let’s see what my family can do for yours…

Energy Pic 3 G's Chief, Stoney & Ian 10-10-14 Consumers Award picture

                      Pictured above: Ian Stead, Ron Stead (Owner), and Stoney Stead. Three Generations working to best serve you!

 Check out our article in the Local Citizens News Paper and our Consumers Energy Award 2014!

FREE Estimates in less than 45min! 

Our Environmentally Friendly Services Include:

  • Multiple insulation options including Blown In and Spray Foam Insulation

  • Blown insulation for attics and walls!

  • Consulting on how to build earth sheltered homes

  • Insulation Removal

  • Rafter mates/baffles added for proper ventilation

  • Consultations and audits to identify the best ways to save energy in your home

Contact me [Ron Stead] at:

We only install the Best

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